Mahjong Ways Slot Game Introduction and Review

PG Soft Slot - Mahjong Ways slot Game Introduction

Mahjong Ways slot is a popular slot game among players in the PG soft slot games.
As the name suggests, Mahjong Ways slot’s theme and graphics are inspired by Chinese Mahjong. Mahjong is a classic Chinese board game, and its culture has taken root worldwide. Therefore, anyone who loves Chinese Mahjong culture will find the Mahjong-themed design of Mahjong Ways slot game familiar and intriguing the first time they play it.

PG Soft is known for its beautifully crafted graphics and smooth animations, dedicated to providing players with an excellent gaming experience. In addition to maintaining high standards in themes and graphics, Mahjong Ways slot game features clever mechanics that give players a chance to win big. Although it is a slot game, it can still deliver the thrill of gambling at a Mahjong table!

Below is an introduction to the rules and gameplay of Mahjong Ways slot, showcasing its charm.

The RTP and Volatility of Mahjong Ways Slot

According to PG Soft’s long-term data statistics on slot games, the RTP (Return to Player) of Mahjong Ways slot is 96.92%. This is slightly higher than most slot games, indicating that players have a high chance of getting returns if they invest a certain amount of time.

Mahjong Ways slot is rated as a medium volatility slot game, making it suitable for beginners or more conservative players. However, the game also incorporates special mechanics that increase the potential for winning and earning high multiplier bonuses. Therefore, for players looking to win big, Mahjong Ways slot game is definitely worth a try!

⭐Mahjong Ways Slot Highlights

PG Soft (Pocket Game Soft)


Chinese Mahjong

🎰Reel Structure

5 reels and 4 rows


Up to 1,024 ways to win





How to play Mahjong ways Slot Game?

Mahjong Ways slot game – Game Play

Unlike traditional Chinese Mahjong, Mahjong Ways slot is not a board game but a slot game themed around Chinese Mahjong. Therefore, its rules are not complicated. Similar to most slot games, you simply need to choose your bet and press the spin button to start playing.

While the rules of Mahjong Ways slot are straightforward and easy to understand, it offers players some customizable betting options and unique mechanics that can trigger free spins. It is recommended that players familiarize themselves with the rules of Mahjong Ways slot before playing.

Betting Options

Mahjong Ways slot provides players with various betting options, allowing them to decide their bet amount based on their budget.

In Mahjong Ways slot games, the bet amount is calculated by the formula: bet size x bet level x base bet (fixed at 20). Mahjong Ways slot offers four betting sizes: 0.05, 0.50, 5.00, and 25.00. The bet level ranges from 1 to 10. Therefore, the betting amount can range from a minimum of ₱1 to a maximum of ₱5000, depending on the player’s choice of bet size and bet level.

This diverse and customizable betting method satisfies both conservative players and those seeking high stakes and excitement, making Mahjong Ways slot game a favorite among many players.

Winning Ways and Paytable

Mahjong Ways slot features a board consisting of 5 reels and 4 rows. The winning method is calculated by multiplying the adjacent winning symbols on each reel from the leftmost reel to the right. As a result, Mahjong Ways slot does not have fixed paylines and offers up to 1024 ways to win, providing multiple chances for players to win and earn bonuses. With different multipliers on each reel, Mahjong Ways slot can offer up to 25,000 times the bet amount!

Mahjong Ways slot game - Paytable

When different symbols form winning combinations, the multipliers of the bets players can win also vary. Below is a detailed introduction to the Mahjong Ways slot paytable.

  • Low-Payout Symbols: Two Sticks, Two Dots, Five Sticks, Five Dots – their multipliers range from 2 to 20.
  • High-Payout Symbols: Eight Characters, White Dragon, Red Dragon, Green Dragon – their multipliers range from 6 to 100.

Special Symbol Triggers Free Spins

Mahjong Ways slot not only features regular Mahjong-themed symbols but also includes a wild symbol to increase the chances of forming winning combinations. If 3 scatter symbols appear, it triggers the free spins feature, providing players with additional bonuses.

  • Wild Symbol: The golden ingot, which only appears on reels 2, 3, and 4, can substitute for all symbols except the scatter symbol.
  • Scatter Symbol: The symbol with the character “胡” (Hu). When 3 scatter symbols appear anywhere on the board, it triggers 12 free spins.

The scatter symbol mechanism allows players to win high multiplier bonuses. When three “胡”(hu) symbols appear, triggering the free spins feature, players can experience the thrill of playing Mahjong, feeling excited and hopeful!

Features of Mahjong Ways Slot Games

Released in December 2023, Mahjong Ways slot quickly won the hearts of many players due to its unique features.

1. Multiplier Feature for Bigger Wins

Mahjong Way Slot – Increasing Multiplier

The standout feature of Mahjong Ways slot is the Multiplier function, which offers players the potential for bigger wins. Interestingly, whether in the main game or the free spins feature, each reel’s multiplier increases with every win.

Base Game:

  • A win in the first round increases the second round’s multiplier to x2.
  • A win in the second round increases the third round’s multiplier to x3.
  • A win in the third round increases the fourth round (and subsequent rounds) multiplier to x5.

Free Spins Feature:

  • A win in the first round increases the second round’s multiplier to x2.
  • A win in the second round increases the third round’s multiplier to x4.
  • A win in the third round increases the fourth round’s multiplier to x6.
  • Wins in the fourth round and beyond increase the multiplier to x10.

This mechanism adds variety and excitement to the game, significantly increasing the potential earnings from a single spin. Players feel they can get more bonuses from Mahjong Ways slot game, making it highly appealing.

2.Engaging Free Spins Feature

Mahjong Ways slot game – Free Spin Feature

To attract players, many slot games offer free spins, but few integrate multiple mechanisms as Mahjong Ways slot does, making the game more fun and exciting.

Mahjong Ways slot uses Enhanced Multipliers in its free spins, giving players a chance to win more bonuses during the free spin rounds, which is quite exhilarating. Additionally, during the free spins, if 3 or more scatter symbols appear, players receive extra free spins. Each additional scatter symbol grants 2 more free spins.

The appearance of the “胡” scatter symbol increases winning potential and extends gameplay time, maintaining excitement and hope for big wins. Many players of Mahjong Ways slot express that they eagerly await the appearance of the scatter symbol with each spin, often losing track of time while playing!

3.Using Cascading Reels Mechanic

To enhance the player experience, PG Soft incorporated the Cascade mechanic into Mahjong Ways slot. This feature is similar to Megaways, where winning combinations cause the symbols to explode or disappear, allowing new symbols to cascade down from above to fill the empty spaces. These new symbols can potentially form new winning combinations, triggering a chain reaction.

Each cascade can create additional winning combinations, giving players the chance to achieve multiple consecutive wins from a single spin. This increases the overall winning opportunities and the total amount of bonuses.

Play Mahjong Ways Slot Game Free Demo

Mahjong Ways slot game is a popular slot game, and many online casinos offer a Mahjong Ways Slot Game demo and free play option. Given the unique mechanics of Mahjong Ways slot game, trying the free play version helps players understand the game rules better and enhances their gaming experience.

The PG Soft slot demo page provides access to Mahjong Ways slot demo and various other slot games for free play. If you enjoy slot games with a Chinese theme, PG Soft offers many such games, like Fortune Dragon and Dragon Legend. These games can be found on the PG Soft website with demos and free play options.

Where to Play Mahjong Ways Slot Game?

Mahjong Ways slot game is extremely popular, and many online casinos offer it.

However, players should choose reputable, safe, and secure online casinos to protect their privacy and rights. We recommend players register and login to the following reputable online casinos that partner with PG Soft and have a good reputation in the Philippines to play Mahjong Ways slot game.

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Online casinos with a PAGCOR license offer a comprehensive range of games, ensuring a high level of security and privacy on their websites.


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Conclusion of Mahjong Ways Slot Game

Mahjong Ways slot game features a simple design but offers high entertainment value. PG Soft has meticulously crafted the game with detailed graphics and a Chinese-themed aesthetic, incorporating features like Multiplier and Cascading Reels to add excitement and enhance winning potential.

These unique characteristics have earned Mahjong Ways slot high praise from players. PG Soft’s success with this game is evident in the release of Mahjong Ways 2, further demonstrating its global appeal. If you enjoy slot games with Chinese elements or have a special interest in Chinese Mahjong, Mahjong Ways slot is worth a try. It combines the thrill of Mahjong with the potential to win big, making for an exhilarating gaming experience.

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According to PG Soft’s statistics, the RTP of Mahjong Ways slot game is 96.92%. Players who invest time have a high probability of receiving substantial returns.

If you like Mahjong-themed slot games, consider trying PG Soft’s Mahjong Ways 2 and Pragmatic Play’s Mahjong X and Mahjong Wins.

PG Soft slots are developed using HTML5 technology, allowing Mahjong Ways slot game and other PG Soft slot games to be played on various devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets.