Dragon Hatch Slot Review 2024

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Dragon Hatch slot, developed by the renowned game developer Pocket Games Soft(PG soft), is a 5×5 grid online slot game. The game features a charming Western-style cartoon dinosaur theme, with each dragon having its own attributes and representative color. The designs are incredibly cute, and the animations are intricate and eye-catching. Dive into the dinosaur treasure trove with Dragon Hatch slot’s lively background music and aim for high rewards!

Features of Dragon Hatch Casino

Dragon Hatch casino stands out among other online slot games with its unique game features. Besides symbol explosions, it triggers chain reactions, bringing more real money rewards to players and has special mechanisms to help players win more. Here are some beloved features of Dragon Hatch slot:

  • Four-Stage Winning Mode: The unique Collection Bar design gives you four stages of earning opportunities.
  • Maximum Win: Summon dragons to assist you, with the highest prize reaching up to 15,000x.
  • Mobile-Friendly: The vertical game design allows you to enter the world of Dragon Hatch slot anytime, anywhere on your phone.

These unique designs and rich reward mechanisms make Dragon Hatch casino a favorite among many players. If you wish to experience this adventure-filled and surprising game, the following sections will provide detailed instructions on how to play Dragon Hatch slot online.

How to Play Dragon Hatch Slot Online?

Dragon Hatch Interface

Dragon Hatch slot is a simple and easy-to-understand slot game suitable for all types of players. It features various elements that allow players to win more rewards. If you’re new to online casino games, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to play Dragon Hatch slot:

  • Step 1: Understand the Interface
    1. Real Money Wallet: Displays the cash balance available for betting.
    2. Auto Spin & Turbo: Choose the number of spins to auto-spin or select Turbo to speed up the game.
    3. Paytable & Rules: If you forget the game rules or pay values, you can always click to view them.
    4. History: View detailed information on previous games, including winning amounts and betting history.
  • Step 2: Set Your Bet
    1. Base Bet: Dragon Hatch slot has a fixed Base Bet of 10.
    2. Bet Size: The Bet Size selector allows you to choose ₱0.10 / ₱1 / ₱10 / ₱50.
    3. Bet Level: Use the Bet Level selector to choose your Bet Level, ranging from 1 to 10.
    4. Bet Amount: Bet Size x Bet level x Base Bet(10)。
  • Step 3: Start the Game
    1. Spin the Reels: Click the spin button to start spinning the reels with your current bet settings. Alternatively, on the computer version, you can press the <Space> key to spin.
    2. Stop the Reels: You can wait for the reels to stop or click the spin button again to stop them manually.
  • Step 4: Win Rewards
    1. Any 4 or more identical symbols connected horizontally or vertically form a winning combination.
    2. After each winning combination, the payout is calculated and awarded based on the paytable.

Before playing with real money, you can try the Dragon Hatch Demo at an online casino to gain experience and familiarize yourself with the gameplay. After understanding the basics, you can explore the mechanisms that help players accumulate rewards and win big prizes during the game.

How to Win Dragon Hatch Slot?

3 Ways to Win in Dragon Hatch

To win in Dragon Hatch casino, start with basic symbol explosions and get familiar with the various reward mechanisms in Dragon Hatch slot. This increases your chances of summoning the Dragon Queen and winning the super mega win with high rewards.

  • Symbol Explosions for Rewards
    In Dragon Hatch slot, when 4 or more identical symbols are arranged horizontally or vertically, they form a winning combination. These symbols explode and pay out rewards, then new symbols fall from above to create new winning combinations until no more combinations can be formed.
  • Wild Symbols for Higher Wins
    Like many slot games, Dragon Hatch slot also features Wild symbols that can substitute for all other symbols, increasing the chances of forming winning combinations. In Dragon Hatch casino, the Wild symbol is represented by a cute dragon egg. You can use the dragon egg to easily complete winning combinations and earn higher rewards.
  • Summon Dragons for Chain Reactions
    During each spin, the exploding winning symbols are collected in the Winning Symbols Collection Bar above the reels. When a certain number of winning symbols are collected, special dragon features are triggered, including Earth Dragon, Water Dragon, Fire Dragon, and Dragon Queen. These features can cause continuous explosions, leading to higher rewards.

By understanding and utilizing these mechanisms, you can win substantial rewards in Dragon Hatch casino while enjoying the fun and excitement of the game.

How to Win the Jackpot in Dragon Hatch

The four dragon trigger features

To win the jackpot in Dragon Hatch casino, there’s only one way: progressing all the way to the Dragon Queen Feature and continuously triggering more wins. To summon dragons to assist you in winning, you need to accumulate a certain number of symbols in the Winning Symbols Collection Bar above, which will trigger dragons controlling different elements to create chain reactions and accumulate high rewards.

Here are the conditions and effects for triggering each of the four dragons in Dragon Hatch slot:

  • Earth Dragon Feature
    When you collect 10 or more winning symbols, the Earth Dragon feature is triggered. The Earth Dragon will shatter rocks, removing all low-paying symbols such as spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs.
  • Water Dragon Feature
    After successfully summoning the Earth Dragon, the Collection Bar does not reset. When it continues accumulating to 30 or more winning symbols, the Water Dragon Feature is triggered, randomly adding four Wild symbols on the reels.
  • Fire Dragon Feature
    When you collect 50 or more winning symbols, the Fire Dragon feature is triggered. This will replace half of the grid with randomly chosen symbols (excluding Wild symbols) at intervals.
  • Dragon Queen Feature
    When you collect 70 or more winning symbols, the Dragon Queen feature is triggered, converting all low-paying symbols into high-paying symbols or Wild symbols.

Successfully summoning the first Earth Dragon significantly increases your chances of winning and accumulating money. More wins allow you to build up the Collection Bar to summon the next dragon. After stacking the rewards, the Dragon Queen delivers the final blow, allowing you to earn substantial real money returns in the game. Good luck winning the jackpot in Dragon Hatch!

Can I Play Dragon Hatch Casino with Real Money?

Yes! If you want to win real money rewards in Dragon Hatch slot, you need to go to a legitimate online casino, register an account, and make a deposit. This way, you can challenge and win substantial rewards in Dragon Hatch slot.

Please note that if you play the Dragon Legend demo, you cannot win real money. The Dragon Legend demo is primarily designed for new players to familiarize themselves with the gameplay and rules in a risk-free environment. To win real money, you need to register an account and deposit at a legitimate online casino.

Why Choose a Legitimate Online Casino?

Choosing a legitimate online casino not only ensures peace of mind while playing but also provides a higher quality gaming experience and service. Here are some important reasons to choose a legitimate online casino:

  1. Protect Your Wallet: Legitimate online casinos are regulated by PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation), ensuring the safety and reliability of players’ deposits and winnings.
  2. Fair Gaming Environment: Legitimate casinos use certified RNG (Random Number Generator) to ensure that every game round is transparent and fair.
  3. Rewards and Promotions: Legitimate casinos often offer various rewards and promotions, increasing the fun and profitability of the game for players.

If you’re looking for a safe and reliable online casino, we recommend Hawk Gaming. Hawk Gaming is the dark horse in the 2024 Philippines recommended best online casino rankings. In addition to having PAGCOR certification, it also offers a variety of game options and rich reward activities, allowing you to enjoy the game while having the chance to win more prizes.

Register with Hawk Gaming now and start your winning journey!

Differences Between Dragon Hatch and Dragon Hatch 2

Dragon Hatch vs Dragon Hatch2

Dragon Hatch and Dragon Hatch 2 are both popular 5×5 grid symbol alignment visual style games. The primary differences are subtle, with Dragon Hatch 2 making slight adjustments to some aspects, thus attracting a diverse player base. Here’s a comparison of the key features of both demos:

  • Visual Effects
    Dragon Hatch 2 extends the original visuals, aiming to depict a more lively and cute Dragon world.
  • Betting Setup
    The betting setup remains unchanged. The game is still played with a 10 base bet (fixed), a bet level of 1 to 10, and a bet size of 0.10 to 50.00.
  • Payout
    The payout values for similar symbols are combined, such as merging the four suits and the three dragons, simplifying the game’s payout rules.
  • Sticky Wild Symbol
    Dragon Hatch 2 introduces a Sticky Wild Symbol, fixed in the center of the slot machine, represented by the W symbol.
  • Winning Symbols Collection Bar
    The symbol collection values for triggering the Fire Dragon and Dragon Queen features are increased, with slight adjustments to the trigger effects.

In summary, Dragon Hatch 2 offers minor adjustments in visual effects and symbol rules, providing a different game experience. You can try both the Dragon Hatch demo and Dragon Hatch 2 demo to find your preferred game.

Explore More Dragon Series Slot Games by PG Soft

Dragon Series Slot Game by PGsoft

If you’re interested in dragon-themed slot games, aside from Dragon Legend and Dragon Legend 2, PG Soft slot games offers other dragon-themed slot games for you to explore. Here are three worth trying:

  1. Dragon Legend: Dragon Legend is set against the backdrop of traditional Chinese dragon culture, featuring unique graphics and sound effects that immerse players in a mystical Eastern world. The game includes various bonus features that enhance playability and winning opportunities. For a quick guide on how to win in Dragon Legend, check out this comprehensive Dragon Legend tutorial.
  2. Dragon Tiger Luck: Dragon Tiger Luck is an exciting neon-themed slot game that combines dragon and tiger elements. The game features a double reward function, where players can activate both the upper and lower reels to win double prizes. Its unique design and high reward mechanism make it a favorite among players.
  3. Fortune Dragon: Fortune Dragon is another dragon-themed slot game with a humorous cartoon style, incorporating elements of the Lunar New Year such as gold ingots, red envelopes, and lanterns. The game includes rich rewards and free spin features, with beautifully designed symbols and graphics that convey a sense of wealth and good fortune.

Exploring more Dragon series slot games by PG Soft not only allows you to enjoy different games but also lets you experience various exciting game features and reward mechanisms. Come and enjoy these thrilling games!

Dragon Legend Dragon Tiger Luck Fortune Dragon
Volatility medium Low medium
RTP 97.15% 96.94% 96.74%
Maximum Win x3000 x200 x2500
Free spins ✔️ ❌but Double Reward ✔️
Bonus round ✔️ ✔️
Layout 5x3 3x1 + 3x1 3x3
Game Station


In this Dragon Hatch Slot Review 2024, we provided a detailed introduction to this 5×5 grid online slot game developed by PG Soft. Dragon Hatch casino, with its exquisite cartoon dinosaur design, unique game mechanisms, and rich reward system, has become a favorite among players.

We hope this review helps you better understand and enjoy the Dragon Hatch game, and that you earn substantial rewards while playing. Register with Hawk Gaming now to start your winning journey! Enjoy your game and win big!


The maximum payout in Dragon Hatch is 15,000 times your bet.

Dragon Hatch 2 introduces the Sticky Wild Symbol and makes slight adjustments to effects and payouts, while maintaining a similar style to Dragon Hatch.

The RTP (Return to Player) of Dragon Hatch is 96.83%.

Yes, you can win real money by registering and depositing at a legitimate online casino. Choose a regulated casino like Hawk Gaming to ensure the safety of your funds and the fairness of the game.