Leprechaun Riches Slot: Introduction and Guide

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Leprechaun Riches is a popular online slot game developed by PG Soft, blending elements of Irish folklore and wealth to offer players an engaging and challenging gaming experience. This game is widely acclaimed for its rich graphics, exquisite animations, and diverse reward mechanisms.

What is Leprechaun Riches Slot?

Leprechaun Riches RTP up to 97.35% !

Leprechaun Riches is a highly popular online slot game that combines a uniquely charming Irish theme with slot machine gameplay, attracting many players. This game stands out among online slot games. Let’s explore the appeal of this online slot:

  • Irish Folklore Theme
    The game is themed around the Leprechaun from Irish folklore, set in a mysterious and magical Irish forest, attracting players who love fantasy and adventure.
  • High RTP Slot with Generous Rewards
    Leprechaun Riches boasts an RTP of 97.35%, similar to two other PG Soft games: Muay Thai Champion and Dragon Legend, making it a high RTP online slot game. Players have the chance to win up to 100,000 times their bet, making the prospect of hitting the jackpot highly enticing.
  • Diverse Slot Machine Features
    Leprechaun Riches offers a variety of slot machine features, such as Free Spins, Wild symbols, and Scatter symbols. These features not only enhance the fun of the game but also increase the chances of winning. Compared to other slot machines, this game offers more diverse features and frequent special rewards, enhancing the overall gaming experience.
  • Fair and Equal Chance to Win Big Prizes
    The game uses a third-party certified Random Number Generator (RNG) technology to ensure that each slot machine spin result is random and fair. This high transparency and fairness in the slot machine give all players an equal chance to win big prizes, further increasing the game’s appeal.

After learning about Leprechaun Riches, you might be curious about the meaning of a leprechaun. Next, let’s understand the leprechaun meaning.

Leprechaun Meaning: Leprechaun Slot Background

In Irish folklore, leprechauns are small fairies who guard treasure, often depicted as tiny men wearing green clothes, a leprechaun hat, and a beard, with magical powers. They are skilled cobblers and are said to grant three wishes in exchange for their freedom if captured.

The backdrop of Leprechaun Riches is a lush Irish forest brimming with magic and mystery. Players aim to help the leprechaun find and collect the hidden treasures in the forest. This game not only offers rich visual enjoyment but also immerses players in the enchanting world of Irish legends through its captivating storyline and generous reward mechanisms.

Now, let’s demonstrate how to play Leprechaun Riches, this online slot game.

How to Play leprechaun Slot online?

Leprechaun Riches Game Interface

Leprechaun Riches is an online slot game where players spin the reels to match different symbols and win prizes. The game features a 6×6 reel design where players need to form lines on the reels to earn rewards. After each spin, the matched symbols disappear, and new symbols drop from above, giving players more chances to win.

Let’s walk through the steps to play Leprechaun Riches:

  1. Set Bet Amount: Choose the amount you want to bet. You can adjust the size of your bet for each spin.
  2. Spin the Reels: Click the spin button to start the game. The 6×6 reels will start spinning.
  3. Symbol Matching: If the reels stop and matching symbols land on the predetermined paylines, a winning combination is formed, and you receive the corresponding prize.
  4. Payout Calculation: After each spin, the system automatically calculates and displays your winnings.

Like other online slot games, this slot machine has its own symbols. We will demonstrate the main features of Leprechaun Riches to enhance your gaming experience.

Leprechaun Slot Machine Symbols Explanation

In the Leprechaun Riches slot machine, there are many symbols, with two special symbols that can help players win more prizes.

Normal Symbols

Nomal Symbols in Leprechaun Riches

The various symbols in the slot machine have different values and bring different prize returns. Here they are listed from highest to lowest value:

  • Leprechaun Hat: Known as the Irish cap, it is the leprechaun’s iconic attire.
  • Four-leaf Clover: Considered a symbol of luck in Irish culture, believed to ward off bad luck.
  • Pipe: A common item in Irish culture and a tool often used by leprechauns.
  • Horseshoe: In Irish culture, horseshoes collect luck and provide protection, believed to ward off evil.
  • Beer Mug: Beer is a traditional Irish drink, especially on Patrick’s Day, and the leprechaun is a cultural symbol alongside beer.
  • Soda Bread: A traditional Irish food symbolizing celebration, soda bread has supported the Irish through difficult times.
  • Royal Symbols: A/K/Q/J/10: Lower-value symbols that provide small prizes when matched.

Next, let’s introduce the exciting bonus rounds in Leprechaun Riches. In this section, we will understand how the Wild and Scatter symbols operate in the game.

Symbols with Bonus Trigger Features

Symbols with Bonus in Leprechaun Riches

Wild Symbol: The Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except the Scatter symbol, helping to form winning combinations. It appears only on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Scatter Symbol: When 3 or more Scatter symbols are obtained, the Free Spins feature is triggered.

Silver-framed & Gold-framed Symbols

Silver-framed transform into Gold-framed symbols in Leprechaun Riches

In Leprechaun slot, the aforementioned symbols may occupy 2-4 positions. This can result in two special symbol frames: Silver-framed symbol and Gold-framed symbol. We will demonstrate a typical game process to show how the Silver-framed symbol can transform during gameplay, increasing the player’s chances of winning.

Silver-framed Symbol
In each new round, new symbols fall from above to fill the vacant positions. If a Silver-framed symbol is part of a winning combination, it transforms into a randomly selected symbol (excluding Wild and Scatter symbols) and is surrounded by a Gold frame.

Gold-framed Symbol
Similarly, in each new round, after the new symbols stack down, all Gold-framed symbols involved in a winning combination will transform into 2 to 4 Wild symbols, depending on the number of symbol spaces they occupy. These Wild symbols can substitute for other symbols, helping to form winning combinations and further increasing the chances of winning.

These transformations make the game more varied and full of surprises, enhancing the chances of winning substantial prizes and making each spin filled with anticipation.

How to Win Leprechaun Riches?

To win big in Leprechaun slot, it is essential to understand the game’s Free Spins and symbol values. Additionally, becoming familiar with the special features and bonus rounds, especially Free Spins, can significantly boost your chances of winning.

Bonus Round:Free Spins

Free Spins are one of the most beloved bonus rounds in Leprechaun Riches. Let’s explore the conditions and rules for triggering these bonus rounds in this online slot game.

Trigger Conditions: Four or more Scatter symbols appearing anywhere will trigger the Free Spins feature.

Number of Free Spins: Four Scatter symbols can trigger 15 Free Spins, with each additional Scatter symbol granting an extra 2 Free Spins.

Prize Multiplier: During Free Spins, if there is one or more winning symbols on the slot machine, the win multiplier will be increased by 1, giving players the opportunity to win even higher prizes.

Re-trigger: During the Free Spins, players have the chance to get 4 or more Scatter symbols again, re-triggering the free spins feature and gaining more free spins.

To win in Leprechaun Riches slot online, it is crucial to understand the bonus mechanisms in the game, as well as the payout and odds for each scenario.

leprechaun Slot Payout & Odds

In Leprechaun Riches slot online, each symbol has different economic values, and there are chances to trigger 3-6 line wins, providing multiple ways for players to achieve victory.

Leprechaun Riches Payout

Where Can I Play Leprechaun Riches with Real Money?

If you want to experience Leprechaun Riches slot online, choose online casinos partnered with Pocket Games Soft (PG soft). Choosing an online casino partnered with PG Soft ensures you play the authentic Leprechaun Riches game and enjoy its high-quality gaming experience. In the Philippines, many online casinos collaborate with Pocket Games Soft (PG Soft). We highly recommend HawkGaming. HawkGaming Casino not only offers the Leprechaun slot game but also provides generous bonuses and promotions, allowing players to enjoy a better gaming experience and more winning opportunities. Head over to HawkGaming now and start your Leprechaun Riches adventure!

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Below is a comparison table of the three games’ features to provide you with more slot online game options:

Leprechaun Riches Muay Thai Champion Dragon Legend
Volatility medium medium medium
RTP 97.35% 97.38% 97.15%
Maximum Win x15000 x100000 x3000
Free spins ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Bonus round ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Layout 6x6 5x3 5x3
Game Station


Leprechaun Riches is a slot game filled with Irish charm, beloved for its rich bonus triggers and high rewards. The various symbols in the game, such as the leprechaun hat, pipe, four-leaf clover, and beer mug, not only enhance the gaming experience but also deeply immerse players in Irish culture and increase their chances of winning. The transformations of silver-framed and gold-framed symbols, along with the triggering functions of Wild and Scatter symbols, make the game full of surprises and challenges, captivating players in its enchanting world.


We recommend choosing online casinos partnered with Pocket Games Soft (PG Soft), such as HawkGaming. You can register and deposit on the HawkGaming platform to start playing.

Yes, the game is developed by the renowned game developer PG Soft and has passed multiple fairness tests.

The game mainly relies on luck, but a reasonable betting strategy and patience can help increase your chances of winning.

Yes, as long as you deposit real money, you can win real money in Leprechaun Riches.