Dragon Legend Slot Review 2024

Dragon Legend png

Dragon Legend Slot, developed by the renowned game developer Pocket Games Soft(PG soft), is an online slot game themed around mythical dragons. The game features exquisite graphics infused with Chinese cultural elements such as silver and gold koi fish and lotus flowers, transporting players back in time to a mythical world.

Dragon Legend is a 5-reel, 3-row online slot game offering numerous ways to win. With features like koi fish symbols granting free spins and double bonuses, and a Bonus Feature triggering the exciting Roulette wheel bonus dragon pearl game, players are in for a treat. The game boasts an impressive RTP of 97.15%, making it a must-play for fans of high RTP online slot games, offering substantial earning opportunities.

Dragon Legend Features

Dragon Legend stands out with its intricate animation design, complemented by the sounds of flowing water, loquat, and bells, creating an exotic atmosphere. Besides the stunning visuals and sound effects, here are the most captivating features of Dragon Legend:

  • Bonus Game: Maximum payout of up to 25,000 coins.
  • Koi Pair Free Spins: Win up to x3000 in free spins.
  • Mobile-Friendly: The vertical game design allows you to enter the world of Dragon Legend anytime, anywhere on your mobile device.

Next, let’s demo how to play Dragon Legend, the online slot game.

How to Play Dragon Legend Slot Online?

Dragon Legend Interface

Dragon Legend Slot is simple and easy to understand, making it suitable for all types of players:

  1. Setting the Bet: Adjust your wager using the “Bet Size” selector (minimum 0.1₱ / maximum 50₱) and the “Bet Level” selector (minimum 1 / maximum 10). Bet Amount = Bet Size x Bet Level x 9 (lines).
  2. Spinning the Reels: Click the “Golden Koi” button to start the game. You can also adjust the speed and set up “Auto Spin” for a specified number of automatic rounds through the “Spin Options” feature.
  3. Winning Real Money: Winning depends on matching symbols from the leftmost reel to the right across 9 fixed paylines.

Like other online slot games, this slot machine has its own unique symbols. Let’s take a look at the symbols included in Dragon Legend Slot and the features they trigger.

Dragon Legend Symbols & Payouts

Dragon Legend Slot, themed around Chinese culture, features various special symbols, each with significant cultural meanings. In Chinese culture, the dragon symbolizes royalty, the koi represents luck, wealth, and success, and the lotus embodies purity and elegance.

Dragon Legend Slot offers rewards up to 1,500 times the bet and boasts a high RTP of 97.15%, giving players the chance to win substantial prizes. It is a slot game worth trying.

Dragon Legend Symbols & payout

The chart below shows the payout for each symbol based on different quantities. Listed from highest to lowest, here are the maximum payouts for each symbol:

  • Dragon:Five symbols pay 1,500 times.
  • Golden Koi:Five symbols pay 300 times.
  • Silver Koi:Five symbols pay 250 times.
  • Lotus:Five symbols pay 200 times.
  • Lily Pad:Five symbols pay 150 times.
  • A(Ace):Five symbols pay 100 times.
  • K(King):Five symbols pay 80 times.
  • Q(Queen):Five symbols pay 50 times.
  • J(Jack):Five symbols pay 30 times.

In the Dragon Legend slot game, each symbol offers different economic value to players and can trigger 3-5 connections. Besides understanding the payout of each symbol in Dragon Legend, it is essential to learn the rules of this slot machine to lead you to victory in Dragon Legend.

How to Win Dragon Legend?

How to Win Dragon Legend

Experienced online slot game players know there are many ways to earn real money in slot games. Here, we’ll demonstrate how to win in Dragon Legend.

  • Winning Bet Lines

    In Dragon Legend Slot, if winning symbols align consecutively from the leftmost reel to the right on any of the 1-9 winning bet lines, matching 3-5 identical symbols, you win the corresponding prize.

    During a single round, you can have multiple winning lines among the 1-9 bet lines, stacking your winnings from Big Win to Mega Win, and even Super Mega Win prizes. All winnings are rewarded as real money, and the game interface ensures players can intuitively see their earnings.

  • Wild Symbols Trigger Additional Multipliers

    When 3-5 Dragon wild symbols appear on the reels, they pay out 30x, 200x, or 1,500x the bet, respectively, and substitute for any symbol that can complete a winning combination (except for the bonus symbol).

  • Trigger 2 Free Spins & Double the Prize Money

    Dragon Legend has a special feature where, when the Golden Koi symbol appears on the left reel and the Silver Koi symbol appears on an adjacent reel, it triggers two free spins. During these free spins, all winnings are doubled (excluding bonus feature winnings).

Dragon Legend Roulette wheel bonus
  • Get 5 Bonus Prize

    Bonus symbols randomly appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. When three bonus symbols appear simultaneously, the bonus feature is triggered.

    During the bonus round in Dragon Legend, you enter the Roulette wheel bonus. A dragon surrounds the wheel, which contains bonus prizes, Golden Koi, and Silver Koi symbols.

    Players get five bonus spins, and need to spit out a dragon pearl from the dragon’s mouth. When the pearl lands on a bonus number, players win the corresponding real money prize; if the pearl lands on a Koi symbol, it is collected. Collecting Golden and Silver Koi symbols increases the bonus prizes on the wheel, giving players the chance to win even more bonus money.

These features add variety and excitement to the game, enhancing the chances of winning substantial prizes and making every spin filled with anticipation.

Dragon Legend Big Win

Are you eager to know where to play Dragon Legend? Let’s introduce the best online casinos in the Philippines for this game.

Where Can I Play Dragon Legend with Real Money?

If you want to experience the thrill of Dragon Legend Slot with real money, choose platforms that support Pocket Games Soft (PG Soft) games. Remember, playing the Dragon Legend demo won’t allow you to win real money. The free demo is designed for new players to familiarize themselves with the game without any financial risk. To win real money in Dragon Legend, you must register and deposit at a legitimate online casino.

Benefits of Choosing a Legal Online Casino

When selecting an online casino, it is crucial to choose one certified by PAGCOR(Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation). PAGCOR is the official gambling regulator in the Philippines, conducting rigorous checks and regulations on online casinos. This ensures game fairness and guarantees that your deposits are protected by fair withdrawal policies.

If you’re looking for a safe, reliable online casino with a premium gaming experience, consider Hawk Gaming, the dark horse winner of the best online casino in the Philippines for 2024. Hawk Gaming is PAGCOR certified and offers a wide variety of gambling options, from table games to electronic slot machines, meeting all your needs. Visit the Hawk Gaming website now and experience top-tier online casino entertainment!

Explore More High RTP Slot Online Games by PG Soft

High RTP Slots PG Soft Game

In addition to Dragon Legend, which is themed around traditional Chinese dragon culture, we recommend exploring three other high RTP online games by PG Soft slot games: Leprechaun Riches and Muay Thai Champion.

  1. Leprechaun Riches: This game is themed around the Irish legend of the Leprechaun and features rich game mechanics and a high RTP. The game is filled with symbols of Irish culture and the mysterious Leprechaun, allowing players to search for hidden treasures and win real money. Leprechaun Riches offers various reward features, including free spins and multipliers, providing players with high bonus opportunities. For more information on Leprechaun Riches, check out our Leprechaun Riches introduction article.
  2. Muay Thai Champion: Themed around Muay Thai, this game features stunning graphics and rich bonus mechanisms. Players can experience intense Muay Thai battles while enjoying the high RTP and winning opportunities. The game also includes various special symbols and free spin features, increasing the fun and challenge. Whether you’re a Muay Thai enthusiast or a slot machine player, you’ll find joy in Muay Thai Champion. For details on how to play Muay Thai Champion, read our Muay Thai Champion Introduction.

These high RTP slot games not only feature beautiful graphics and exotic themes but also offer generous reward mechanisms, allowing players to enjoy substantial returns while being entertained. Below is a comparative table of the key features of these three games, providing more slot online game options for you.

Leprechaun Riches Muay Thai Champion Dragon Legend
Volatility medium medium medium
RTP 97.35% 97.38% 97.15%
Maximum Win x15000 x100000 x3000
Free spins ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Bonus round ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Layout 6x6 5x3 5x3
Game Station


In conclusion, Dragon Legend Slot is an outstanding online slot game that combines traditional Chinese culture with exquisite animations. The game’s rich reward mechanisms, such as the Koi Pair Free Spins and Roulette Wheel Bonus, not only add to the fun and challenge but also offer players significant return opportunities. With a high RTP of 97.15%, Dragon Legend Slot is an ideal choice for fans of online slot games. Head over to HawkGaming, register an account, and experience this fantastic game while enjoying substantial rewards!


Yes, Dragon Legend can be smoothly played on both smartphones and tablets.

Dragon Legend v is a role-playing fantasy fighting game developed by 2land and is unrelated to Dragon Legend.

Absolutely, as long as you deposit real money, you can win real money in Dragon Legend.

You can play Dragon Legend Slot with real money on platforms that support PG Soft games, such as Hawk Gaming.